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We make stories with friends, colleagues, family, or complete strangers. This allows us to experience great adventures together.

That is what we do at Mythemakers.

Aankomende evenementen

11 mei Drachten D&D event

11 mei 2024, 13:30-17:00

D&D event, dit keer in Drachten! Onze Friese one-shots staan ook hier weer klaar. Iedereen is welkom!

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13 april D&D avond

13 april 2024, 19:00-22:30

Wil jij de GMs in actie zien die meedoen aan de GM cursus?
Tijdens deze avond kun je meespelen aan de tafels van
deze GMs! Het belooft nu al gezellige avond te worden.

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Nieuwe GM cursus Maart/April!


Een nieuwe ronde GM cursus! Hoe ga jij om met
improviseren? Hoe zorg je ervoor dat iedereen aan tafel
zich gezien en gehoord voelt, en dat je verhaal duidelijk en
logisch in elkaar zit? Deze vragen komen allemaal aan bod
tijdens onze cursusmiddagen! Ook zit hier een moment in
waarin je je eigen one-shot gaat geven, en een reflectiedag.

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Tabletop RPGs as a tool

Tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) are played at a table with two to eight players. Each player control their own character, except for the Game Master who acts as referee. The Game Master is the one who tells the story and describes what happens after every action. The best known example of a Game Master is also called the Dungeon Master, from the game Dungeons and Dragons.

Mythemakers can help you out with every aspect of the making of stories. We do this, among other things, with workshops in the region, a Game Master academy, and by introducing you to other players. We also have stories that take place in Friesland ready for play, and we organise teambuilding activities. You can in fact come to us with all your storytelling questions.

Sessions and events

Would you like to know how D&D works? Or would you like to design your own character, or play the game at an actual table? We organise workshops near you. You can come and try out the game without obligation. You can also join us, so that we may introduce you to other players near you. Meeting new people and playing together is the core of our organisation. We make sure these games are led by qualified Game Masters who ensure a safe environment. Come by and join a session!

Real gamification

Crafting stories via RPGs has a proven effect on players: it improves your imagination, creative thinking, and self-esteem. That is also what gamification involves: the use of a game to develop yourself and your team in a positive way. Cooperation is a crucial part of the game, which makes it the ideal tool to use in team building activities. Go on an adventure as a team and get to know yourself and your colleagues in a completely new way.

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Your place in our community

Are you curious and would you like to become part of a community of players and other likeminded people? Visit our online Discord community where safety and inclusivity come first. These servers are monitored by us personally, and allow for easy sharing your experiences or the asking and answering of questions. Do you like to draw for D&D, or do you print miniatures or terrain pieces? Our Discord is a perfect place for this too. In addition, you can of course also find us in social media. Follow or like us:

Mythemakers connects

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