Join us!

Looking for other players or a session near you? You've come to the right place for that too. Join our community online, share your experiences and find other players. Within our community we provide a safe environment where you can meet other players at your leisure. You can also share your artwork and 3d prints here.

Free sessions

Want to join our free sessions, but have never played before? Don't worry! You can sign up for a beginner's session. In a beginner’s session you learn the basic principles of D&D. You’ll learn how the rules work, and if the game suits you. Please be sure to sign up in advance. This way we can make certain that we have enough GMs ready to help you out.

DM Academy

Would you like to learn how to become a GM? Here is how! Participate in one of our GM Academy courses. If you want to start GMing for the first time, we will help you on your way and teach you the do's and don'ts. Even if you have been a GM for years, you are welcome to spar and exchange new tips and tricks. There is a registration fee of 10 euros, which helps to pay for expenses.

Custom event

Wil je liever iets persoonlijks en op maat gemaakt op een door jouw gekozen locatie i.p.v. een van de gratis sessies? Dat kan natuurlijk ook. Op basis van jouw wensen kunnen we een unieke sessie verzorgen die speciaal voor jou is ontwikkeld. Stuur ons een mail met daarin: je naam, de groote van de groep en je verzoek. Wij komen dan zo snel mogelijk met een offerte bij je terug.