This is Mythemakers

The Mythemakers Foundation has existed since June 2022, but the idea has been with the creators for a long time. It is clear to everyone involved in the foundation that society is becoming increasingly individualistic. Making friends and developing social skills is more difficult than ever, which is precisely what Mythemakers is dedicated to solving. We do this with the help of competent board members from the Arts & Culture (‘Kunst&Cultuur’) domain, the social domain and the financial sector. The practical side of Mythemakers is run by Melanie de Haan, Dirk Jorissen and Gerda Roorda, who together have more than 30 years of roleplaying and D&D experience.

Our mission

Creating stories of quality where creativity, self-development and fun are paramount. This reduces loneliness and increases the social skills of everyone who comes into contact with it.

Our vision

Introducing everyone in Friesland to the power of storytelling and roleplaying games.

This is what we do

Above all, we hope to have a positive impact on society with this foundation. Roleplaying games are the way to further develop yourself and make new friends. We are committed to to create a space where you can do that.

Hier vind je ons beleidsplan.

Hier vind je onze financiële verantwoording voor 2022.


This is us

Gerda Roorda: Financial Manager 


In 2020 I was asked to play in a D&D group. I knew what it was but had never played it before and joined the group. After that first playing session, the game has not let go of me. It has brought me new friends and a lot of creativity. And I think this can be valuable for many other people as well. From there, the idea grew to set up a foundation and hopefully give many more people such a great experience.

In het dagelijks leven ben ik daarnaast dirigent en adviseur bij Keunstwurk. Voor de stichting houdt ik me vooral bezig met het zakelijke aspect zoals de financiën en het opbouwen van een netwerk. Daarbij werk ik nauw samen met het bestuur.

Dirk Jorissen: Creative Director 

Ik was erg jong (ongeveer 10 jaar) toen mijn broer mij introduceerde in het spel. Ik leerde er Engels mee lezen en schrijven door de boeken te lezen en mijn eigen verhalen te schrijven. Tijdens het studeren om docent Engels te worden kwam ik erachter hoeveel mensen het spel graag ook wilden uitproberen. Voordat ik het wist was ons kleine vriendenclubje uitgebreid naar een enorme groep studenten die allemaal op hun beurt wachtten om een avond te kunnen spelen.

Samen verhalen maken verbindt namelijk; het is toegankelijk, en bovendien enorm gezellig. Daarom geloof ik dat dit hét perfecte medium voor onze stichting!

Melanie de Haan: Creative Director 

English teacher, writer, illustrator, GM. My love for fantasy has always been there, but eight years ago I came across tabletop RPGs and it has been my biggest hobby ever since. Besides that I have a pedagogical background and come into contact with young people on a daily basis. I am very enthusiastic to share my passion for games with others. Connecting, creating and meeting each other in a playful way is what gives me a lot of energy. You will often come across me on location, as a GM or running around behind the scenes, and I also like to give courses. See you there!

Peter van der Laan: Treasurer 

I am owner of BTER Financieel Heerenveen, a mortgage advice office and board member at Stichting Mythemakers. Through a friend I came into contact with the people behind the foundation. They were looking for someone who would offer a critical look at their plans and who would look at the foundation more from a business perspective. That seemed like a nice challenge and after reading the plans and the enthusiasm from Melanie, Dirk and Gerda I decided to join them. The purpose of the foundation fits in well with my own ideas about helping people.Together you can mean a lot to help people and within this foundation we will do our utmost to achieve this.

Eline Kleingeld: President 

As a project leader and producer in the cultural sector, I make it possible to tell stories. Stories that matter, that physically and emotionally move or challenge you. The form in which these stories are told is often a performance or presentation. Mythmakers makes it possible to tell stories in a different form in collaboration with young people. The combination between creativity, education and the target group appeals to me. I find it exciting to be able to contribute to that.

Marrit Postema: Secretary 

In daily life I work as a behavioral scientist at a youth care organisation. Before that I worked as an outpatient and residential counselor for young people with an autism spectrum disorder. It was these young people who first told me about D&D, and what struck me was that they always did this with a big smile and full of enthusiasm. Through my work I meet young people who find it difficult to establish social contacts or to undertake activities. A game like D&D can make this step that little bit easier. And what's so beautiful is that everyone who got to know the game is captivated by it and starts to share the passion. This will automatically make you want to play the game!